Newsletter July 2022

6 de Jul de 2022
Newsletter July 2022 1. FEANI News 2. FEANI Agenda & Forthcoming Meetings 3. EU News 4. EU Agenda 1. FEANI News 1. Engineers for Europe (E4E) Project The European Commission notified the approval of the starting date of the «Engineers for Europe» (E4E) Project as from 1 September 2022. The kick-off meeting will be organised […]


July 2022

1. FEANI News
2. FEANI Agenda & Forthcoming Meetings
3. EU News
4. EU Agenda

1. FEANI News

1. Engineers for Europe (E4E) Project

The European Commission notified the approval of the starting date of the «Engineers for Europe» (E4E) Project as from 1 September 2022. The kick-off meeting will be organised in Brussels on 22-23 September 2022. The E4E Project was submitted last August under the strand «Alliances for Education and Enterprises» of the ERASMUS+ Programme. The consortium is composed of 13 full partners and 11 associate partners.

2. FEANI Annual Business Meetings

On 5-6 May 2022, the FEANI Annual Business Meetings took place physically in Berlin, after two years of TelCo meetings. The National Members Forum (NMF) was organised physically at Hotel Oderberger and it was attended by 42 people. The General Assembly took place at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities in a hybrid format and it was attended by 72 people. The General Assembly was followed by a business dinner at Karlsson Penthouse. The major outcomes of the meetings were the suspension of RUSEA from the FEANI Network, the approval of the new scope of the FEANI WG Future Engineers (former WG STEM), the developments made on the EUR ING 2.0 Concept and the results of the FEANI Strategic Plan 2018-2022 and the new input for the New Strategic Plan 2023-2026.

3. 4th European Engineers’ Day

On 21 June 2022, the 4th European Engineers’ Day took place at Hotel SOFITEL Europe in Brussels under the overarching title: “The New European Bauhaus – the vital role of engineering intelligence”. The event has been organised by FEANI, ECEC and ECCE and it was attended by 53 people. Key-note speakers were Mr D. PAPADIMOULIS (EP), Mr C. STYLIANIDES (GR Minister) and Mr D. FORNEA (EESC). Prof. A. SOEIRO (AECEF) and Ms. L. DOODY (ARUP) had given a presentation as FEANI-speakers.
The meeting was opened by the Presidents of the organizing committee Mr K. THÜRRIEDL (ECEC), Mr A. BRANDNER (ECCE) and Mr R. APPEL (FEANI) and then followed by the key-note speech of EP Vice President, Mr D. PAPADIMOULIS on the role of the European Union in preventing climate change through the European Green Deal.

Prof. A. SOEIRO (AECEF) gave a presentation on education towards more sustainable engineering and the necessary skills for engineers in the modern building culture. Ms L. DOODY (ARUP) focused on the role of companies in creating a more sustainable building culture and on what the New Bauhaus can entail.
Mr C. STYLIANIDES, Minister of the Climate Crisis and Civil Protection of the Hellenic Republic, gave a key-note speech on the solutions against climate change impact effecting individual countries. Mr D. FORNEA, EESC member and Confederal Secretary of Rumanian National Trade Union Confederation, shared insights to Europe’s raw material supply from and to the rest of the world and its role for the green transition.

Watch the event here

4. Engineering Professional Context and CPD

On 22 June 2022, FEANI contributed an article on Engineering Professional Context and CPD which was published in EUCEN Studies Journal, Vol 6 No 01 (2022). The paper, written by the SG, Mr K. DE WEVER (BE) and Prof. A. SOEIRO (PT), presents an analysis of a CPD survey among the engineering community of the federation of FEANI National Members with respect to identifying methods and approaches of improving communication between LLL providers and engineers seeking CPD opportunities. Results are presented and discussed and conclusions are provided that propose content for a dialogue between LLL providers and users of CPD, such as engineers and employers.

Read the Article here

5. IESF: Mr M. RUMEAU re-elected President

Engineers and Scientists of France (IESF), announced the renewal of Mr Marc RUMEAU as President of IESF as of 13 June 2022. At the end of the Ordinary General Assembly of IESF, which took place on Monday 13 June 2022 at the G.I.M. (Groupe des Industries Métallurgiques in Neuilly-sur-Seine), the new board of directors met to unanimously elect Mr M. RUMEAU (Arts & Métiers, promotion châlons 170) as president of IESF for an additional term. His objective is to continue the actions to bring IESF to the fore on various subjects, in particular those of reindustrialization and science in secondary education.

Read more here


IESF President, Mr M. RUMEAU

6. Mr G. BREEDVELD receives KIVI medal

On Monday 13 June 2022, Mr Gijs BREEDVELD received the KIVI honorary medal. The KIVI President distinguished him for his unbridled commitment to the association. Mr G. BREEDVELD has been a member of KIVI since 6 January 1993 and graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 1995 at the University of Twente. He is also Drs. Business Administration. He has been a board member of the North Regional Department since 11 September 2012 and has been Chairman since 2016. He was also Vice-Chairman of the Higher Education Technology Department from April 2016 to June 2017. In recent years Mr G. BREEDVELD has made a strong case for a sound and professional organization of the association and the preservation of the character, quality, continuity and prestige that KIVI is entitled to, on the basis of the statutes and after almost 175 years of existence. He was co-initiator of the establishment of the Members’ Council Committee, which stimulates image formation, judgment and decision-making in the Members’ Council and effective communication between the central management and the Members’ Council. After the (re)establishment in 2021 of the KIVI Training Council in the new form of the Training, Profession and Career Council (ROBL), Mr G. BREEDVELD took on the role of secretary. In 2021 he was also appointed as KIVI’s representative to the European Monitoring Committee of FEANI. In short, a very active and committed member with a lot of heart and commitment for KIVI, who has made a very important contribution to the association in many capacities and qualities, and still does very actively.

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2. FEANI Agenda

EMC Meetings :
• 21 September 2022, Rome
FEANI Executive Board Meetings :
• 26 August 2022, 14.30-16.00 hrs. CET, TelCo
• 16 September 2022, 14.30-16.00 hrs. CET, TelCo
• 25 November 2022, 14.30-16.00 hrs. CET, TelCo
• 8-9 December 2022, Zurich
FEANI Annual Business Meetings:
FEANI National Members Forum Meetings :
• 6 October 2022, TelCo
• 8 June 2023, Cannes (tbc)
FEANI General Assembly Meetings :
• 7 October 2022, TelCo
• 9 June 2023, Cannes (tbc)
FEANI Regional Meetings :
• Central Regional Meeting: 7 September 2022, Bratislava
• South Regional Meeting: 30 September 2022, Rome
• North Regional Meeting: 16 September 2022, Copenhagen

3. EU News

1. New Presidency of the Council of the EU : Czech Republic

As from 1 July, CZ took over from FR the Presidency of the Council of the EU for the next six months. The priorities of the Czech Presidency can be find here :

Read more here

2. EU Council recommends European approach to micro-credentials

The Council is recommending member states to adopt a European approach to micro-credentials and in particular to apply a common EU definition, EU standards and key principles for the design and issuance of micro-credentials. Micro-credentials document the learning outcomes that a learner has acquired following a small volume of learning. The goal is that member states, stakeholders and providers (from education and training institutions to private companies) develop and use micro-credentials in a coherent way. This new tool would allow EU citizens, facing significant demographic, societal and economic changes, to take advantage of personalised learning and career pathways.

Read more here

3. EU SDGs Summit

Ahead of the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Egypt, CSR Europe and its members are happy to welcome you at the European SDG Summit 2022: Together for an Inclusive Green Deal. The Summit will take place digitally on 10-12 October 2022.

After the pandemic and amid the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, the world needs to accelerate the journey towards climate neutrality and the adoption of an inclusive approach to the green and digital transition. Together with Environment and Governance, the Social dimension of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) is now well understood as an equally importart driver to enhance sustainability, but more attention is needed on how to address inequalities. The scale and magnitude of the effort ahead require not only individual commitments but also collaborative actions from all stakeholders.

Register here

4. EEB «Big cities phase out fossil heating, the case of New York»

On 14 June 2022, the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) organised the webinar «Big cities phase out fossil heating, the case of New York». Ms D. MANLEY, Policy Manager, Urban Green Council, gave a presentation on sustainable building policies in New York City and in the State of New York. Mr B. BRIDGELAND, Senior Associate, Rocky Mountain Institute, gave a presentation on Resource Efficient Decarbonization, namely on the NYSERDA project.

Find the presentations here

5. Blurring the lines between education and workforce

Source: The Hechinger Report

On 23 June 2022, The Hechinger Report published the article «Blurring the lines between education and workforce». The article focuses on the Big Blur concept, namely closing the gaps between industry, high school and academia. The topic has been part of several debates, one being the national conference hosted by Jobs for the Future (JFF) in New Orleans. One of the debated ideas is to blur the last two years of high school with college, in order to establish tight relations between the two spheres.

Read more here

6. 5th European Education Summit: Bright Young Minds

On 1 December 2022, the 5th edition of the European Education Summit will take place in Brussels as a hybrid event. The event will be hosted by Ms Mariya GABRIEL, EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth and the overarching title will be «Bright Young Minds». The 5th European Education Summit will focus on youth and will feature the first European Education Area Progress Report. Other topics covered will be: digital and green education, inclusion in schools and VET, investment in education, including the public launch of the Learning Lab, and the implementation of the European Strategy for Universities.

Read more here

4. EU Agenda

• 7 July, Atelier-Environmental Taxonomy: Taxo4 & Traffic Light System, CSR Europe
• 15-17 July 2022, World Conference on Electrical Engineering, Amsterdam
• 10-12 October 2022, The European SDG Summit 2022: Together for an Inclusive Green Deal
• 14-16 October 2022, 6th International Conference on Modern research in Engineering, Technology and Science  (ICMETS), Prague
• 1 December 2022, 5th European Education Summit, Brussels

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